Lucy Gwynne-Evans

Professional work began with a stint with The Entire Company performing Old Time Music Hall in and around North London.   Then one morning she woke up and found that she had joined Blag Theatre Company.   For 20 years she has been enslaved to their own brand of fabulous humour, wit and parody.  A rollercoaster of roles followed including Woodstock (Snoopy), Tinkerbell, Maria (The Sound of Music the Musicals), 3 different witches (the good, the bad and the not so bright in the lightbulb department), Elaine Paige, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, a Christmas Tree and a Christmas Fairy.

For many years out of this 20, she toured with Blag’s parody shows Rip ‘Em Off and Entertainment?….. My Arts! enjoying performing at venues in Worthing, Eastbourne and Tring culminating in a weekly spot at The Arts Theatre, Great Newport Street, London.

Lucy has completed one spot of TV work when she played the role of a care worker in a training video.

Away from the stage, Lucy trained as a musicianship and piano teacher with The DaCapo Music Foundation.  She continues to work with this Foundation specialising in teaching Early Years, beginner and intermediate piano with musicianship as the central focus.