Our family have been involved with Blag Youth Theatre for twelve and a half years now. Our son thoroughly enjoyed all his years with them, attending drama, singing and Lamda classes, plus their amazing Summer Projects - it still always amazes me that they produce such brilliant shows in just two weeks!! He is now in his third year of joining Ricky, Lynn & the rest of Blag Theatre Company for their annual Christmas show - a must see in the run up to Christmas week!

Our daughter is now in her eight year with Blag Youth Theatre, attending all the classes and the Summer Projects too. She loves every minute of it! Going to Blag has given our children confidence, self belief and wonderful skills that they will be able to call upon whatever sphere of work the choose to go into. My husband and I always say you can spot a 'Blagger' a mile off - they will be the one exuding confidence and chatting happily to those around them.

We cannot recommend Blag highly enough. Ricky, Lynn and all the other teachers and staff are wonderful, talented people and we thank them all, from the bottom of our hearts for all their hard work and dedication.

My two daughters love going to Blag each week taking part in their singing and drama classes. They have both grown in confidence as a result and made many new friends. Blag offers a range of opportunities to sing and perform such as Watford Festival, Rickmansworth Canal festival and Blag productions at the Pump House theatre.

One of my daughters also goes to the Lamda classes where she received a distinction in her last exam and is currently working towards her Bronze award.

Going to her BLAG drama group is one of the highlights of the week for my daughter! She's always full of beans after a class and comes out chatting about what exercises they've been working on, what part she's played and what they're planning for the future.

It's also been a great way for her to make new friends outside her school circle. BLAG is also a far more affordable alternative to the national groups like Stagecoach, and has the added benefit of a much more personal approach thanks to Lynn and Ricky. I can't imagine why anyone would want to go anywhere else!

My daughter has been with BLAG for just over a year. She has already obtained LAMDA Grade 1. I was impressed with the acting standard of BLAG students at the Watford Festival. The Summer Project is a very polished, amusing show, is not too be missed! The adult panto is brilliant.

Thank you to Ricky and Lynn for helping my daughter pursue her passion for drama. I would highly recommend BLAG.

I can't speak highly enough of Blag. Over the past 10 years, both my two sons have attended various drama, singing and Lamda classes, as well as numerous Summer Projects. In fact, we had to schedule our summer holidays around the Summer Project which could not be missed on pain of death!

Not only did they both improve their acting, singing and dancing skills, but Blag also gave them a massive confidence boost and honed their social skills and I noticed a marked improvement in my oldest son's speech during his time at Blag which has stayed with him.

He is now 20 and works in a customer-facing role and I firmly believe that his excellent performance in his job is down to what he learnt at Blag - communication, teamwork and social interaction.

Not only is Blag an incredible learning environment, it is also an amazing social scene where both boys became part of friendship groups with like-minded individuals who I know will be friends for life!

I cannot thank Lynn and Ricky enough for what Blag has given my sons - and the wider family who have been entertained by - and looked forward to - Blag productions over the years. And I cannot recommend Blag enough - send your kids, you won't regret it!

I have three daughters who have all been Blaggers since the age of 5, enjoying their drama, Lamda and singing classes. Being part of Blag has not only given my girls acting, singing and stage skills, but taught them to be effective team members and to be confident communicators at school and beyond.

They all really value the close friendships they formed as teenagers with like minded fellow Blaggers who share their love of Musicals and the theatre. My two eldest are now at University, and still delighting in using the skills they honed at Blag... Amy performing with the Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society and Zoe singing with the Oxford Alternotives.

Whilst my youngest Niamh has been given the opportunity to pursue her passion for drumming by playing for the Summer Project and the Blag Theatre Company's annual Christmas Show... and she is now looking round Music Colleges and Conservatoires, planning to take a degree in Music.

Thank you Ricky and Lynn, Julia and everyone who makes Blag the unique place it is: not just a drama school, but a fun, creative and supportive learning environment for ALL.

I went to Blag Youth between the ages of 7 and 18 and went to their singing, drama, LAMDA classes and numerous Summer Projects. I then went on to study acting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and have been performing professionally in the industry now for 5 years.

Before Blag I was cripplingly shy and bullied at school, I honestly cannot thank Ricky and Lynn (and the other teachers over the years) enough. Not only are they to thank (blame) for my career choice but they also gave amazing opportunities, and through Blag, have made friends for life. I'm getting married in 2016 and three of my four bridesmaids are girls I met through Blag all those years ago.

Seriously: send your kids to Blag. You won't regret it.

Blag Youth Theatre's Summer Project, "Mary Droppins", was two weeks full of great fun and friendship for my daughter Lucy. Finishing with a hilarious, well written, well casted, well directed and professional performance in a real theatre, a good time was had by all!

From my perspective, the children taking part clearly loved every minute of the show and the hard work and enthusiasm put into the production shone out. I loved the show, as did other family and friends who came along to watch. This was Lucy's 7th Summer project and each year she has grown in confidence and developed her acting and life skills.

Lucy has also made some wonderful friends through doing the project and is already looking forward to next year's production. I think the two weeks offer good value for money and I know my daughter is having fun with her friends in a safe and secure environment, which is priceless.

I have found Blag's staff to be extremely professional and more than that, they really care about what they do and help the children to achieve their best. Absolute magic!

Blag Youth Theatre can't be beaten! Sorry but my girls have tried perform and stagecoach and whilst they enjoyed the familiarity of the productions they didn't get enough social or skills benefit from it and got bored very quickly.

Blag is not only hysterically funny and enjoyable it gives them an amazing opportunity to develop and have fun and pursue exams like LAMDA etc which all counts towards that all important job/uni application!!! They have made life long friends too!!

I absolutely love these guys - highly recommend if your kids are into drama, singing or dancing or are looking to expand their friendships out of school. All my kids have been going to blag for over 10 years and they love it more and more each year. Lynn and Ricky have a unique ability to bring out confidence and create a really fun environment.

My kids have made life long friends thanks to Blag. *****

Blag is a unique experience; it’s huge fun and a really encouraging environment where the kids learn what they’re capable of and how to push themselves to achieve more. Although they never feel pressured or regimented, the kids respect Ricky and Lynn’s skills and deep experience and respond by pulling together to put on an amazing show or performance.

Blag’s far more than a Saturday class - it soon becomes a key part of their life, along with the lifelong friends from all different backgrounds and talents that they make there.

Our daughter has been doing both drama & singing classes at Blag for the past nine years. She has had the opportunity to perform in shows at theatres in Watford & Chesham and compete in the Watford Festival.  She also takes the Lamda classes and exams which have really boosted her confidence.  

She has loved every minute and made so many friends. She particularly enjoys the buzz of the Summer Project which, in the past, we have had to arrange our holidays around so she didn’t miss it!