Classes are running Saturday June 4th Summer term finishes Saturday 16th July end of term. 'Let's see what you can do day' Sunday July 3rd Booking now for Summer Project 2022 July 25th -6th August

Blag Youth Theatre Rickmansworth and Chesham have a reputation for providing excellent training in both Drama and Singing. Children gain exceptional marks in their LAMDA exams from grade 1 right through to grade 8 - Gold medal. Whatever aspirations you may have for your child's future Blag with help them on that journey.

For over 21 years Richard and Lynn Beaumont have delivered drama training to children and adults following their own unique curriculum. At Blag children benefit from working with both original texts and tailor made scripts, ensuring each child reaches their full potential. Improvisation and devising is an important part of Blag's weekly classes, teaching even the very youngest to e press their creativity and stand tall and always have something to say.

Singing is taught as a completely separate subject at Blag. Which means children can choose to do either both drama and singing, or just drama or just singing. Our singers are taught to work tight harmonies and sing a wide variety of material. The highlight of Blag's year is their summer Project which originated in 1996 when Watersmeet Theatre asked them to produce a summer school for 125 students.

Since then, each year, Blag has written and produced parody musicals for local children. These unique shows give every child a speaking part and an opportunity to perform in a real theatre. Whatever your child decides to be in later life let Blag help them to begin that journey.

Blag Theatre Reviews

  • When it comes to getting audience participation, nobody does it better than the BLAG Theatre Company. In fact, the trick they pulled off at the...
  • Musicals were the mainstay of my childhood. Many a Sunday afternoon was spent curled up on the sofa, drawn into the world of Mary Poppins, Oliv...
  • BLAG Theatre Company's new show Rip 'Em Off is a delightful tongue-in-cheek production, which at no stage attempts to take itself seriously. Cr...
  • MUSICALS were the subject of the BLAG Theatre's song and dance review at the Pump House Theatre in Watford last week. Audiences at the theatre ...
  • MUSICALS were the subject of the BLAG Theatre's song and dance review at the Pump House Theatre in Watford last week. Audiences at the theatre ...
  • Good acting will always transport the spectator from a theatre bucket seat to the scene of the narrative, but when that scene is a cartoon stri...
  • BLAG THEATRE COMPANY'S Christmas show at The Pump House Theatre in Local Board Road, Watford, is certainly something to brag about. The opening...

Why To Choose Blag

  • Separate Drama and singing classes, neither is compulsory.
  • Affordable first class drama and singing training for all ages.
  • First term, pay-as-you-go with the exception of LAMDA classes.
  • A non-elitist environment suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Unique curriculum that allows children to develop both performance and writing skills.
  • Especially written performance scripts to ensure children all ages get equal opportunities.
  • Blag’s own devised Improvisation exercises to develop creativity, listening, observational, vocal and performance skills.
  • Explore new and old playwrights, comedy and stand up.
  • An opportunity to build performance skills and perform in Theatres.
  • Make new friends; build confidence and social skills whilst having a ball!
  • Help and advice for those students wishing to audition for drama school.

Blag Testimonials

Our family have been involved with Blag Youth Theatre for twelve and a half years now. Our son thoroughly enjoyed all his years with them, attending drama, singing and Lamda classes, plus their amazing Summer Projects - it still always amazes me that they produce such brilliant shows in just two weeks!!...

Jennie Jasper

My two daughters love going to Blag each week taking part in their singing and drama classes. They have both grown in confidence as a result and made many new friends. Blag offers a range of opportunities to sing and perform such as Watford Festival, Rickmansworth Canal festival and Blag productions at the Pump House theatre.

Caroline Taylor Scarlett

Going to her BLAG drama group is one of the highlights of the week for my daughter! She's always full of beans after a class and comes out chatting about what exercises they've been working on, what part she's played and what they're planning for the future.

Caroline Coates

I have three daughters who have all been Blaggers since the age of 5, enjoying their drama, Lamda and singing classes. Being part of Blag has not only given my girls acting, singing and stage skills, but taught them to be effective team members and to be confident communicators at school and beyond. They all really value the close friendships they formed as teenagers with like minded fellow Blaggers who share their love of Musicals and the theatre.

Hazel Carmichael