Aug 30

The style of the piece is best revealed by its cast of characters: Rick Slick (the private dick), Egor Blimey the butler, Major Catastrophe, Miss Take, Ivor Smallpiece and Ivanta Havalot. Among the players, BLAG stalwarts Richard Beaumont as the Major, an archetype English Colonel Blimp and Jean Warner, his old flame Miss Take, once again show the immaculate timing required for roles such as these, where double-entendres fly about faster than a Carry On movie. And Jean Warner maintained an immacualte Edinburgh accent throughout - it never slipped once.

One imagines Ivor Smallpiece being a most appropriate name for the Hooray Henry played by John Holland - at least the Russian vamp Ivanta Havalot, beautifully played by Anna Rufey, thought so. Chris Clarke was not too convincing at first as Rick Slick, but he came into his own as the climax was reached - if that's an appropriate phrase for this production. That climax, too, involved Paul Gooch - Egor Blimey - in a most convincing wrestling match with Catastrophe.

I saw it on the opening night, when the proceeds were given to five charities, and it was evident that a little more rehearsal was needed. Knowing the professionalism of this group, that will surely have come by now. Musical arrangements were by John Holland (yes, the same one) and musical director was Carole King (no, not that one).

Tony White