Aug 30

Fortunately, the cast had no difficulty carrying off this wonderful nonsense, which in the hands of lesser talents, would have been embarrassing in the extreme. No opportunity for a pun was wasted and no chance for a double entendre or comic misunderstanding allowed to escape. The plot, for little it was worth, followed four characters gathered together for the reading of famous ballet star Sir Rudolf Portabrason's will. All four once saved Sir Rudolf's life and he wants to leave his entire fortune to one of them. Unable to decide who should inherit, Portabrason decrees they should all spend the night in Farque Hall, which is said to be cursed and which nobody except Portabrason has ever survived the night in - I did warn you it was silly.

But do not let that put you off, Night of The Jockstrap is fast-paced fun from start to finish. Leading this spendidly foolish entertainment was Richard Beaumont as Major Catastrophe. Constantly clowning, but never going too far, he set the perfect pitch for those around him. This was followed by the entire cast, with Anna Rufey vamping outrageously as the ballerina Ivanta, John Holland playing the wimpish Ivor and Jean Warner as the nervous Miss Take. Chris Clarks as the private dick, Rick Slick, was impressive. Although a farce, the comic timing, assured acting and fine singing ensured polished entertainment from start to finish.

Dave Allen