Aug 29

Lucy Gwynne-Evans resisted the temptation of going too over the top with this non-speaking role and the result was fantastic. She simply was Woodstock and the scene where she portrays Snoopy's "thawts", as he writes his great American novel, had the preview audience in hysterics. My other favourite was Linus, played by Richard Beaumont. He did a marvellous job portraying the bright, but blanket-dependent Linus, who spent the evening dragging his blankie and sucking his thumb. He was truly child-like, and if I didn't know better I'd swear he was the real thing! While those two performances stood out, characterisation was good across the board. Peter St James brought a lovely, ironic wit to his portrayal of Snoopy (a reprisal of the role he played in 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown') and is wonderfully over the top in his lament for puppy-hood at the Daisy Hill puppy farm.

John Holland was a great Charlie Brown, bringing to life the boy's inability to succeed, notably in a scene where the cast look for pictures in the cloud[s] - everyone has their say, except Charlie, who can't get a word in. Jean Warner gave a good portrayal of the over-bearing and pompous Lucy; Anna Rufey's Peppermint Patty was suitably ditsy and direct; and in her first role away from the director's chair, Lynn Beaumont enjoyed success as Charlie Brown's little sister Sally. BLAG have once again produced a super piece of musical theatre, which will entertain children of all ages. But it seems a pity that their work cannot be staged properly. The Chess Suite is not a bad venue, but I would love to see the actors on a raised stage and with more room to display their talents.

Estelle Sinkins