Aug 30

I was left weak with laughter, the tears running down my face, as well-known songs from many musicals were performed, but with rather different lyrics. The new words rather succesfully pointed out just how awful musicals really are, with big booming voices and precocious children. Finally I can understand why my partner always runs from the room if a musical is on the telly. I would love to be able to tell you about particular lyrics but it is the sort of comedy that you really have to be there to appreciate and I certainly hope they come back with a repeat show. The only down side to the evening had to be the second act. I was warned before I went along that it was all about audience participation and if I had realised the full horror that I was to face, I would have made my escape in the interval.

For every member of the audience it was a return to the schoolroom, where we had to learn hymns read out from the blackboard. In this case we were made to stand up, sing the theme from Neighbours (sheer hell) and kick, clap and roar like real showstoppers. My skin crawled. I stood there with arms crossed, desperately praying that I would wake from this living nightmare, and very much alone as everyone else threw themselves into the action. As they were all several (and here I am being kind) years older than me, I could only put it down to a return to their childhood - either that or they'd been enjoying just a little too much refreshment at the interval.

When the show ended, I heard people saying how much they had enjoyed the first half, with which I heartily concurred, but I was flummoxed at how many had truly enjoyed the second half and cries of "even Geoffrey was singing!" could be heard. Unfortunately, I am just rather too young to find the theme song from Neighbours amusing!

Yana De Silva