Aug 30

Deidre Mackness's risque version of These are a few of My Favourite Things from The Sound Of Music, had the audience in stitches as she regaled them with a "few of her favourite Flings". MAGICALLY TRANSFORMED The pantomime sketch featuring John Holland, Jean Warner and Chris Clarke was one of my favourite things. Each of the cast laments the fact that in normal life they are considered freaks, but in panto they are magically transformed - from a midget into Dick Whittington's cat, and from a cross-dresser into a pantomime Dame. There were also strong performances by Lucy Gwynne-Evans and Anna Rufey lamenting the fact that directors insist on putting a ballad into panto and thus boring the audience.

The second half sees the cast taking the mickey out of cockney musicals like Oliver! and My Fair Lady. Songs like 'As Long As He Needs Me' from Oliver! and 'Get Me To The Church On Time' from My Fair Lady all get the BLAG treatment. Then it's time for the audience to get involved as they are transformed from "bums on seats" to showstoppers, with a little careful tuition from Richard and sister Laura. My only gripe, and it's not a major one, was the loss of vocal quality in some of the numbers, particularly in those when all the cast were involved. But that said, the show is tremendous fun and an enjoyable night out.

Estelle Sinkins