Aug 30

The show featured works by George Gershwin, Stephen Sondheim and Irving Berlin and others. Among the targets for their humour were washed-up child stars, over-produced hi-tech modern musicals and the sort of Cockney characters that seem to populate every stage show. The musical review style of the evening carried on at a lively pace and, although some of the sketches worked better than others, the combined effect was a fun evening. The evening was best enjoyed by fully fledged West End musical fans. Particular highlights were Richard Beaumont's performance as a former child star looking back at better times - particularly poignant because Beaumont was something of a child star himself - and the Beaumont's [Ricky and Laura] performance as an aged theatrical couple to the tune of I Remember it Well.

Other sketches included a number on the horror of drying up on stage set to the tune of I Got the Horse Right Here [Fugue for Tin Horns] from Guys and Dolls and the whole cast on stage for a rip-off of Who Will Buy? from Oliver! The entire cast, consisting of Anna Rufey, Deirdre Mackness, Jean Warner, John Holland, Laura Beaumont, Lucy Gwynne-Evans, Lynn Beaumont, Peter St James and Richard Beaumont, performed with an enthusiastic and tongue-in-cheek style appropriate to this pastiche.

Dave Allen