Aug 30

Chris Clarke's 'Jimmy Binks' and John Holland's 'One Man Band' were also great fun, while Richard and Lynn Beaumont's 'ABC of Music - 26 snippets of songs, albeit one or two tenuous ones - was simply breathtaking. And credit should go to Lynn for appearing, despite the fact that a sore throat was playing havoc with her singing voice. But my two favourite performers of the evening were undoubtedly compere Martin Clarkson, whose links kept the audience entertained, and Jean Warner's charlady, whose dreams of fame and fortune on the stage became a brief reality. Martin was responsible for linking the sequences and for the show's two "animal acts" - Swoop, the Performing Seagull, and Albert, the Performing Flea. During both performances the audience volunteers played up beautifully and the gentle humour made a pleasant change from the aggressive, in-your-face style which tends to characterise today's comedy.

Jean was in fine form in both the ensemble pieces and especially as the theatre's charlady, who steps into a breach to help Martin with Albert's act, dances with her mop and duets with Martin in a song where she claims to be a lady. Doing the Lambeth Walk is quite simply a delightful evening out and BLAG's professionalism and style increases with every show.

Estelle Sinkins