Aug 30

In fact, BLAG's "motley" crew provide the ideal antidote to the Christmas panto season with their mickey-takes of traditional Christmas past-times, including Christmas carolling and a very entertaining version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' told by the slightly inebriated thespian, Sir Stanton Davenport (the hilarious Richard Beaumont). But for those who simply cannot get by without a panto fix, the cast provides a dame (a great performance from John Holland), his sidekicks, Bubble and Squeak (played by Donna Jones and Jean Heard), the ghost gag ('He's behind you!'), the banana gag and the traditional sing-a-long song sheet.

The show's other highlights include a harassed housewife trying to cope with Christmas, three different types of Christmas trees vying to be bought by the discerning consumer, and a new take on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Even Dickens gets in with a look at a Victorian Christmas. So, hats off to the entire cast - Chris Clarke, Donna Jones, Jean Warner, Jean Heard, John Holland, and Lynn and Richard Beaumont - as well as the talented musical duo of Susana Castellot and Andy Nicholson [sic. she means Anthony Varney. Bless.] for a cracking Christmas show!

Estelle Sinkins