Aug 29

Our family have been involved with Blag Youth Theatre for twelve and a half years now. Our son thoroughly enjoyed all his years with them, attending drama, singing and Lamda classes, plus their amazing Summer Projects - it still always amazes me that they produce such brilliant shows in just two weeks!! He is now in his third year of joining Ricky, Lynn & the rest of Blag Theatre Company for their annual Christmas show - a must see in the run up to Christmas week!

Our daughter is now in her eight year with Blag Youth Theatre, attending all the classes and the Summer Projects too. She loves every minute of it! Going to Blag has given our children confidence, self belief and wonderful skills that they will be able to call upon whatever sphere of work the choose to go into. My husband and I always say you can spot a 'Blagger' a mile off - they will be the one exuding confidence and chatting happily to those around them.

We cannot recommend Blag highly enough. Ricky, Lynn and all the other teachers and staff are wonderful, talented people and we thank them all, from the bottom of our hearts for all their hard work and dedication.