Aug 29

Blag Youth Theatre's Summer Project, "Mary Droppins", was two weeks full of great fun and friendship for my daughter Lucy. Finishing with a hilarious, well written, well casted, well directed and professional performance in a real theatre, a good time was had by all!

From my perspective, the children taking part clearly loved every minute of the show and the hard work and enthusiasm put into the production shone out. I loved the show, as did other family and friends who came along to watch. This was Lucy's 7th Summer project and each year she has grown in confidence and developed her acting and life skills.

Lucy has also made some wonderful friends through doing the project and is already looking forward to next year's production. I think the two weeks offer good value for money and I know my daughter is having fun with her friends in a safe and secure environment, which is priceless.

I have found Blag's staff to be extremely professional and more than that, they really care about what they do and help the children to achieve their best. Absolute magic!