This class runs during the summer term only.

Acting for television and film is very different to theatre acting. Therefore the skills required are vastly different from those needed for the Stage.

The biggest difference between acting for stage and acting for screen is the location of the audience. When acting in a theatre, the stage is usually quite a distance from the audience, unless you are working in studio theatre when it tends be much closer. When working on screen the audience sees everything up close therefore actors on film must use smaller gestures and an overall smaller performance which is controlled with natural expressions and gestures.

This class is a great way to experience this, each week students get to experiment in front of the camera and watch themselves back.

During classes you will learn:

  • How to make the camera your friend.
  • How to act naturally in front of the camera.
  • How to sight read for castings.
  • How to approach a casting for a commercial
  • How to prepare for TV and Film castings.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in signing up for our summer term course.