Lynn Beaumont

  • "There's no people like show people", which is why I married Ricky - and what a roundabout trip I took to meet him! A path that wound its way over twenty years, dancing en route with a variety of companies from Skegness to Finland and Malaga.

    I decided that England was just as good and 'Summer Seasoned' and 'Pantomimed' my way through the next few years - oh yes I did! - Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Dick Whittington to name but a few...

    Musicals were soon to follow: Worzel Gummidge with the delightful Jon Pertwee and West Side Story with the un-charismatic Jason Connery. I soon discovered that commercials were a great way to keep a car on the road and after doing ones for Coca-Cola and Best magazine, I had a new Honda.

    The path stopped and there was Joseph - and standing to the left of him was a skinny bloke in a sweatshirt...

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