Meet The Team

  • Lynn Beaumont

    "There's no people like show people", which is why I married Ricky - and what a roundabout trip I took to meet him! A path that wound its way over twenty years, dancing en route with a variety of companies from Skegness to Finland and Malaga.

    I decided that England was just as good and 'Summer Se...

  • Richard Beaumont

    This is now my 50th year in this business, which is odd because I'm only 38!

    Success came at an early age, playing Tiny Tim in the film Scrooge (with Albert Finney), Billy White in Digby, The Biggest Dog in the World and Young Pip in Great Expectations. Relative success followed with a Fringe Fir...

  • Lucy Gwynne-Evans

    As well as my degree in Music Theatre, I am now a fully fledged Da Capo teacher for pre-school children. Please visit Da Capo for more information.

    I have to say that after four hours of tantrums, random banging of yoghurt pots, excited yelps and bottom spinning, I am rather glad to leave the BLA...

  • Jean Warner

    It amazes me how many years us 'Blaggers' have spent doing it! What was before BLAG? Did I enjoy it? The answers are, respectively, 'The Classics' and 'Yes'.

    After leaving Drama School, I spent many a happy year in Theatre in Education and long, exhausting summers at the Edinburgh Festival. I per...

  • Youth Theatre

    Blag was established in 1997 and has seen hundreds of children through our doors over that time.

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    Explore BLAG in a little more detail: meet the cast, the musicians, the crew and the guest stars

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    BLAG Theatre Company can provide tailor-made entertainment for your needs.

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